Indie Fashion

What is Rockacoca?

Rockacoca is company for unique designs & alternative fashion. We produce custom designed footwear & apparel and sell them online through our website Every Rockacoca comes in limited series, often unique and very individual to service the most sensitive style.

The World As We See It!

In a Rockacoca world, people wear custom, unique footwear & clothes that expose their bright personalities rather than following preset fashion trends. 

What We Fight For...

We believe that combining fashion with internet and digital business techniques can unleash the power of creating unique, custom but yet somewhat mass products. This approach will change the way people think about fashion.
Rockacoca challenges the stereotype for shoe & apparel. Our primary objective is to establish Rockacocaas strong and tempered trade mark for alternative fashion among people seeking bright individual image.

Find Us...

You can call us at +359 889 083 509